Scentsy Bars

Scentsy Bars

With all of the options that are available today for filling your home with fragrance, the chances are good that you have heard a bit about wax melts and using warmers instead of candles. Using an electric warmer with Scentsy bars is a wonderful alternative to having the open flame of a candle or using room sprays that may contain harmful chemicals. If you are interested in scented wax and having flameless fragrance throughout your home, you need to learn a bit more about Scentsy warmers and all of the various scents that you can pick from when shopping for bars.

What Is Scentsy?

Scentsy is actually a direct marketing company that offers a wide range of fragrant products that are focused on home scents. The main product is a wickless warmer that works by heating scented wax tarts just to the point that they are able to melt. You have the option of warmers that use bulbs to light and heat the wax or there are element warmers that melt the was from the Scentsy bars as the tray sits on top of a hot plate.

While the warmer is on, it evenly melts the wax and the fragrance is released into the room. Once you turn the wax warmer off, the wax rehardens and is ready to go again the next time that you turn the warmer on. You also have the benefit of many hours of warming time to give you plenty of fragrance enjoyment – much like you would have with a traditional candle, yet none of the dangers that come with an open flame.

Selecting Your Scentsy Bars

Once you have a warmer, you will want to pick out your favorite scents. The Scentsy bars come pre-formed in a clamshell where you can break of a piece and place it in your warmer dish. You can use one piece or several. What makes these bars wonderful is that you can even mix and match the bars so that you can come up with a custom scent. For example, customers have been known to take one square of a Sugar Cookie bar and a square of a Pumpkin Roll bar to create the Pumpkin Pie scent. With so many potential combinations, you have a world of flexibility and options for incredible scents throughout your home.

Scentsy Wax 

When you are shopping for Scentsy bars to use in your warmers, you should also know that these bars are made from food-grade paraffin wax. This means that the bars are safe for kids as well as pets because they are also non-toxic. Additionally, there is a low melting point that makes the wax just warm to the touch and you do not have the same potential for a burn that you would with a traditional candle.

If you are interested in learning more about filling your home with flameless fragrance, you can shop with Sherri Lupton – Independent Scentsy Consultant. This is the ultimate way to enjoy amazing scents without the hazard of a traditional flame/wick candle and you are able to mix and match warmers in your home.

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